Zeiss Ikon.BKS Livius.BKS Serie 5000 and BKS Helius

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Re: Zeiss Ikon.BKS Livius.BKS Serie 5000 and BKS Helius

Beitrag von Christian »

The older version of these cylinders (WS50) has been made without the blue glas-pearl, and later BKS "renamed" these to "Livius" and they got this pearl ... and the 5-Pin "Helius" has (i suppose) a red pearl ...
And very very old BKS-Cylinders in 3300-SL or (old) 5000 MULTi-PiN has been made with a red glas pearl into the cylinder-housing ... later the "janus" had the red-glas ball into the key ... / other companys are make also keys with glas-balls in keys, a fluke ? ...
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